CBD Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of CBD and test cleanly
Employers, social workers, parents, and those in recovery can have less worry about THC false positive results. Drug tests check for THC (the counterpart of CBD that creates the “high” feeling). If Ignite CBD is the only Hemp-based product you use, the likelihood of a positive drug test is extremely low. That said, as with all hemp products, there is a chance that consumption could trigger a positive drug test. Consult your doctor and/or employer if this is a concern.

Premium THC-Free CBD

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Key Ingredient
Cannabidiol is a key ingredient in cannabis, one of more than 80 compounds unique to the plant and grouped under the umbrella term “cannabinoids.” Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, and THC are usually the most common cannabinoids in the plant and are therefore the most widely studied.
Won’t Get You High
CBD does not get you high like THC does. THC causes euphoria by binding to special nerve receptors in the brain. CBD does not bind to these receptors, so cannabidiol does not get you “stoned.”
CBD From Hemp is Legal
CBD can be made from medical marijuana plants or industrial hemp plants. Marijuana is illegal under federal law but legal in some states. Industrial hemp when grown in other countries can be imported legally into the United States, making it easier for consumers to get CBD treatment without breaking the law.
Cannabinoid Levels Vary
Cannabinoid Levels Vary CBD and THC levels, known as cannabinoids, vary between plants. Marijuana plants grown for recreational use tend to be high in THC and varying amounts of CBD. Industrial hemp plants are very low in THC while medical marijuana plants are typically high in CBD.

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